Interview with Author Emily Smith

As many writers can understand, Emily has a pile of started works, always put away because new ideas are burning inside. She’s had a desire to write her entire life, even having her fanfiction published at 8 years old with Adrian Mole. Her current work is a self-help that has taken only a year to complete.

Being a single mom with young children makes finding time to write difficult, but Emily has made sacrifices to be sure she finds time to do just that. She even stays awake late into the night or early morning to work on her writing projects, and steals moments while the youngest is napping and her older child is in school.

Emily listens to music for inspiration while she writes. Like me, she enjoys the outdoors, often being found taking hikes, walking her dog, and of course, taking her children swimming. Though domestic violence effects many people, Emily has turned this horrible experience into something inspiring. She has worked tirelessly on her current book with a subject such as this, Emily wanted it to be perfect, feeling it of the utmost importance to share her story and give hope to anyone who may be in a similar situation. While having kept her abuse a secret, she has little support in her writing so far, but her heart is pure and her desires are simple. She wants what she writes to be an inspiration to others who are suffering.

Emily has a strong connection with her children. They are her inspiration in all she does, giving her the strength and courage it takes to leave a bad situation and work hard for a better life for her family. Writing has always been a dream of Emily’s and she states, “to be able to write and help people would just be the icing on a fabulous cake.” Her break out book is the topic of domestic abuse, but Emily has big plans and continues writing on much different topics and has several projects in the works. Those who have read her break out story, have had nothing but compliments on the inspiration in her words. Emily gears her current work towards those of dating age.

Emily has struggled with confidence in her writing, not because it wasn’t good, but because fear of rejection was there at an early age. She has since broken free from this fear and has taken the leap into the future. As I’ve done this interview, I myself have been inspired by Emily and am so grateful she has shown the strength and courage to touch on such a tender subject in her book “The boiled Frog” I look forward to her current book being released and to see where Emily takes us next.

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