Interview with Young Adult Novelist Kate Banco

At a young age Kate knew she loved the written word. Becoming a teacher allowed her to share her love for reading with her students and as she retired she wanted more. Coming up on retirement she realized she could continue teaching her students and encourage reading if she began writing young adult stories. It was a win win. She was continuing her public service of teaching and having the time of her life doing something she had a growing desire to do, Write.

Her first book, Fish Camp, was a work in progress near the end of her teaching career taking her 7 years to complete between grading homework and guiding her students through school. The follow up book, Forensic Camp, has taken her 10 months to get her rough draft in order. While enjoying a Starbucks coffee in her easy chair, late morning until around noon she devotes to her writing and in the evening she commits to edits while no one else is around.

Kate’s immigrant students trying to settle in the U.S.A brought inspiration to her in her story telling but that doesn’t stop her from adding a twists and turns along the way. Finding joy in genealogy, beach visits, reading, and traveling are sure to encourage the inspirational bug as well. With her husband and friends by her side encouraging every step she takes in writing gives her the courage every writer needs to continue day after day in a writing career. Her dear granddaughter Clara is the most important inspiration, even having Kate’s first book dedicated to her.

In the education style, Kate enjoys bringing knowledge to her readers by enlightening them on subjects they may not be aware of in the style of young adult novels. With her first book Fish Camp out and her second Forensic Camp due to be out in October, she has been busy but that doesn’t prevent her from working on her third in the series, Bear Island Camp. Some of her fans wait on the edge of their seats to read the second book after the cliffhanger ending in the first, even saying they would love to see it in cinematic form.

Her target audience may be young adults but everyone who has had the chance to read it has in fact enjoyed it regardless of their age. What person of any age wouldn’t love the mystery, suspense and even a little love interest in a book so of course Kate’s stories are enjoyed by all. Only because of the lack of confidence many children feel did she shy away from writing as a child, but with age comes wisdom and seeing her students learn and grow before her very eyes she was inspired to begin writing for them. With all of that said, she does not regret a second of fulfilling her childhood dream of being a mother.

Kate admits her current book is invoking and controversial though she intends no disrespect with her written words. Her intent is a pure one, education, with the joy of twists, mystery, suspense, and love. I look forward to seeing where Kate takes us in her writing journey.

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