Flowers in the garden

I adore the homes with flowers scattered along their property. The beauty these create and the warmth they provide is endearing. They remind me of fairy tales and ginger bread houses. The colors are stunning and bring any property to life. If only I had a green thumb, but wait, here are a few flowers that are easier to grow which I adore.

The African Lily is a beautiful flower that doesn’t require much care and flowers for a long time, not being hard to care for even in strong sun areas. If you want something just as easy to care for but thrives in shade you should consider Begonias. Not only are these a pretty addition to your shaded garden areas, they do well in the home also. If you are looking for something with the possibility of bloom throughout the year, the Camellia is an excellent choice with many colors to choose from. One of my favorite vine flowers, perfect for a shed, upside your home, or on any decorative archway, the Clematis grows from spring until late summer. With a love for a mountainous feel or meadow appearance, the Crocus does not disappoint. For places that often times lack rain in the spring through fall another easy to care for flower is the Coneflower. An all time favorite with a long bloom period of spring through fall the Daisy is a common flower found in gardens. Another beautiful addition for long blooming flowers are the Daylilies, growing from early spring until the first frost. Geraniums tend to be a gardner’s staple among the many options available. With the option of dividing the plants creating more over time, the Helleborus can fulfill the need for beauty in the colder months, blooming as early as December until April or so. Combined with the Helleborus, the Habiscus can provide cold season color and grace. Jasmine can be found in many fragrant products. These stunning flowers bloom from spring into the fall. If you dwell with the woodland creatures, Lavender may be a good choice for you. These sturdy and nearly indestructible flowers offer beauty and glorious fragrances. With a slightly less fragrant scent, the Pansy grows from late winter into early spring. Petunia’s are another good one for all climates, thriving from spring until early frost. A classic, the Rose, can be planted easily and can grow year round. These come in multiple colors and styles. And my favorite for those with a black thumb such as myself. The Calla Lily, they are near indestructible! I once had one for nearly five years with long stretches forgetting to water it and believing it to be dead, for it only to awaken beautifully after a few waterings.

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