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How to make jewelry out of clay

This is a fun activity. In a previous post I told you how to make clay in this one I’m going to give you an easy way to use it that is kid friendly.

The first thing you can do, make ornaments. This is super easy. You flatten a portion of the clay, making it 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick. Use your favorite cookie cutters and cut out the shapes you want for ornaments. On the top of you ornament use a push button on the top of a pen or the eraser if a pencil to make a hole for you to put the hook. Remember when the clay dries it will shrink so you need the hook hole bigger so it will still for when it dries. Allow the class to dry. Paint however you’d like

Second thing you can do, make jewelry! This is more creative and a little more time consuming. You shape the small portions of clay to whatever you’d like. This is the easy part. You can use cut outs, your hands, I pencil to carve it or shape it, or and other item you can to get the shape you want. Let your imagination run wild. When I make jewelry I make very small balls of clay and add a drop our two of food coloring to get a color is like it I don’t mix it through the whole way for a marbled look before shaking it. Now because what you use to hang the jewelry and or key chains you need a larger hole. Remember you need it bigger before it dries. I would recommend either a pencil eraser or a screwdriver and twist it to make a nice size hole. You let it dry and you can either add paint, glue in items of your choosing or if it’s marbled, leave it as it is. Dry it. String it and wear it!

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