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Seasonal Fun

This page, I thought, would be a fun addition to the blog. Within the page, I will write things about the season we are in, things to do, things I enjoy, things I find amusing about the season, even recipes best made in the season. Please enjoy.

Summer: I find it funny when I am in three feet of snow, I can’t wait for summer, but the reality soon hits. My biggest pet peeve is sweating, yes you heard me right. I hate the feeling of it, the muggy, sticky, uncomfortable feeling, as well as the embarrassment of wetness under your arms as you try to move as little as possible exerting next to no energy causing you to sweat more.

I also despise being in the sun. When I was young, I was a son bather and you couldn’t get me in the house during the summer. Fishing, swimming, hiking, bbq’s, bonfires, the list goes on. As I got older, I suffered from the sun exposure with skin cancer. No it wasn’t bad, I had two spots that needed removed. Now though, I have almost a fear of the sun. Year round, I do not leave my house without sunscreen on, but not everything about summer is bad.

Along with the sun dangers and my obvious hate for sweating, there are some amazing things about summer I enjoy. I absolutely love rivers, creeks, and lakes. I’m not close to the ocean or I’d include that as well. Slathered in sunscreen, I adventure to these places as often as possible. I’m not a swimmer but I find peace at these places. Catching craw fish, walking in shallow parts of the water, splashing my husband, are all very fun to me. Boy I wish my dogs didn’t get car sick. They would have a blast as well. I sometimes feel guilty going and having as much fun as I do at these places, without my pups.

Here it is a few days later, the heatwave has stopped for a few days, the rains have dissipated, and the mild but warm summer weather has been here for a few days. It’s warm enough to be considered summer but not so hot that we are melting in the yard turning to a pool of mush and sweat. We are heading into a two week stretch of warmer weather and lack of rain. I’m thinking the drive-in would be a fun adventure in this time frame. I am lucky enough to be close to one of the few remaining outdoor theaters in the country.

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