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Wrapping up Summer

Now I stated before summer is not my favorite season and honestly I’m glad to see it parting. But as the summer winds down I think of the things many may have enjoyed this season. Amusement parks are always a big one with them not being open any other time of year. Swimming is another big one because unless it’s an indoor pool that is simply impossible come fall. But there are others that are still acceptable just less often utilized such as one of my favorite places to go, the Zoo. Oh how I love the Zoo. I adore the animals and feel an emotional connection when I visit them. I have to admit I will miss the summer flea markets, yard sales, and outdoor music sessions. Most people around the country do not have the luxury I have: Drive Inns!!! Now this is usually pretty much wrapped up with summer but ours goes into October where they have a B movie horror flick weekend that you can even camp at. It saddens me that we have not gone a single time this year. Maybe I can figure out a way to go this weekend. I will also miss the fairs and festivals of summer. But none of that is to take away from my upcoming love of Fall. Stay tuned for more on fall.

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