Interview: Justin Fisher Multifaceted Author

Justin has known his entire life he wanted to be an author even opting to write a 20 page essay rather than take an exam in graduate school. He doesn’t limit his genre to one, wanting to explore each with time and dedication. His current book of poems that started as a 7th Language Arts Project moved him and gave solitude so that he continued working on it for the next twelve years. Upon waking one night he seized the day and published it at that very moment on

He prefers not to set deadlines in his creative process to keep the flow going not inhibiting himself. With the dark hour approaching and the spinning world slowing, Justin finds the quiet solitude refreshing and motivational in his writing. As a volunteer at the local fire department and part time employee, Justin’s time is valuable making night time the best to create his master works. Currently he’s “hooked” on the song, “Gods Country” by Blake Shelton as he works but an old movie he’s seen hundreds of times on Netflix can be just as soothing as he pushes ahead.

Researching the the verbiage and vocabulary that best suite his characters make his writing both relatable and realistic to today’s society. His motivation and inspiration in his writing is a simple one, always wanting to improve on the man he’s become. When not writing Justin can be found reading, spending time with his fiance, and enjoying his community. There is no wonder his families both blood and fire company support his every move.

As many writers can relate, inspiration came as he read many works such as “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. He realized that if Shel Silverstein could do it why couldn’t he. The thrill of doing what he loves and being paid for it is the only motivation he needs. Telling his stories and allowing his readers to enjoy his process are all part of his bigger plan.

With the research he was often found doing in Graduate school, Justin has written many papers as he worked on his first publication of 55 poems. He felt inspired to write not only another book of poems but is also working on a crime/drama/psychological thriller novel as well. He enjoys constructive criticism on his current book of poetry always looking to improve on his writing skills. Remember, practice does of course make perfect.

With no general target audience, Justin’s main focus on writing is to provide a good story to any who may enjoy it. He feels wasting the readers time is useless and wants to provide quality over quantity. Even if in an unrealistic settings Justin prides himself on making his characters relatable. He wants his readers to feel what his character’s feel.

As a child Justin dreamed of being a firefighter, as life does, things changed and he went on to Graduate school to work in the Human Resources field but that being said life continues to rattle and move us so he finds himself back in the writers chair, moving forward with each written word. Justin’s published poems span from his 14th year until he was 25 and the works show the growth and maturity he’d gone through in that time, covering topics from life to death and the wonderful journey of ageing and development.

When I inquired of Justin’s current works he stated, “I am currently working on two other projects: a crime drama/psychological thriller novel and another collection of poems.  In the novel, you will be immersed into a dark, gloomy world, where death is lurking around every corner in some of the most gruesome ways.  In the other, you will yet again go on another journey of life and death, but this time in a more religious type of way, as I have always questioned my religion of Christianity.”

Justin added just one final thing to his interview: A message to his readers.

To my readers,

“I, sincerely, thank you for your continuing support.  I would like to say to my new readers, that you can find my book, My life, My dreams, My poems: An exploration of Life, Death, and all in between, on Amazon at the following links:

For the print version, please go to the following URL:

For the Amazon Kindle Version, please go to the following URL:

Lastly, please be on the lookout for more publications, as well as if you want to be on the forefront of what is going on, please go “Like” and “Follow” my pages:

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Yours truly,

Justin Fisher”

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