Morning Inspirations

I woke early this morning and before my eyes were open, I was clicking my computer to on. I went about getting my coffee and setting up my writing station as I waited for all the updates that accompany my morning start up. As I sat here waiting, I began thinking of all the authors who agreed to do interviews with me. Their stories are so touching and I’ve gotten to know many of them in messenger correspondence. It never surprises me when I see authors not only supporting each other but also inspiring one another. Though we all come from different backgrounds, most of the writing community is supportive of one another.

With this all in my mind in the early hours of the day, I began writing today’s interview. It brought about heart wrenching feelings and love for not only the author, but also for the raw emotions that come when writing. It is more often than not difficult to write as a career. Even the most famous authors have had dozens to hundreds of rejections, especially when first starting their writing careers. Imagine being new to this amazing and often hectic world, not knowing what to do next, followed by multiple rejection letters. It is quite an emotional roller coaster. It takes dedicated and determined authors to keep reaching out to make their dreams come true.

This dedication and courage is how I keep going, day after day. Of course I have support in my life from my husband, but without being reminded that as authors, we will all see our fair share of rejections, it would definitely be easy to just file away our works and write for pleasure not an audience. I’m then reminded by other aspiring authors of the trials and tribulations that come with writing.

As I sit here gulping down my coffee, (no I do not sip) I have a new day before me. A new chance to work on my manuscript. A new inspiration. I read my interview to my husband, wanting to do the author justice in the words I’ve written. His pride in my work shines on his half-asleep face. I love that man dearly. My pups on the couch, pouting because I’ve had the nerve to get out of bed so early waking them up, I adore their sleepy little eyes staring back at me. So it begins, the words are burning deep inside waiting to be put on my pages before me. Off to work I must go on this Saturday morning, not because I have a deadline, but because if I do not write, I will feel disappointment all day long.

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