Interviews And More

Due to medical conditions many of you have noticed my writing has become less frequent. I do apologize. I have been feeling a little better the past few days and have taken the opportunity to update my page a bit and include some incredible interviews. I do hope you check them out and enjoy what you read.

I’ve had the opportunity to learn a great deal from the authors who share in their interviews and these provide a nice look into them and their works. I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve conducted and look forward to my future ones. I’ve written a few interviews in the past few days and am happy to share these with you my readers. I do encourage you to check out my authors, their interviews, and their works. Share with any you feel may enjoy such authors and explore their worlds with the same passion they feel creating them.

I so enjoy talking to these authors and seeing the many perspectives on genres, life, and experience they provide. It’s amazing the distinction between each author. None have the same motivation, inspiration, story, or experience providing a diverse collection of stories to be explored. Get to know your authors and grow with each. Up and coming writers need our support and diving into their world is the perfect way to provide it.

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