The Wuzzles: Nostalgia sets in

Everyone remembers at least one childhood toy that they couldn’t get enough of whether it be a teddy bear or toy truck, it could be anything in between. Of course this toy or stuffed animal would accompany us everywhere we went or would faithfully lay beside us as we slept. It was our most prized possession. For me this toy was my Wuzzle, Eleroo. He was one of the bigger Wuzzles, part elephant, part kangaroo with a bee like striped pattern on his pouch and the under part of his trunk. With my fascination since young childhood with elephants, this was the Wuzzle for me. I remember lugging that tiny stuffed animal around with me everywhere.

As I grew up and life happened, I had forgotten all about my Eleroo and the joy he had brought me. My love for elephants continued till even today but my poor Wuzzle had been left in my childhood. I became a parent and other trendy characters grew popular. Characters like Barney and the Power Puff Girls. My kids were obsessed and owned many toys of these characters. I suppose for them it was equal to my love of Eleroo in my own childhood. I hadn’t given him a second thought in decades.

My husband and I have something in common, the love for vintage and an heirloom items. Something about the past is endearing. I love old books, clothes, furniture, all of it. During one of our many conversations we began talking about our childhood. Within this conversation the topic of childhood shows and toys were brought up. As quickly as I had forgotten, the memory of Eleroo came flashing to mind. I searched online for a stuffed Eleroo. A piece of my childhood I wanted to share with others. I have found Eleroo and a few other popular Wuzzles on ebay. Though Eleroo is not one of the rare plush, it is most definitely my favorite. Some go for nearly $200 while others are impossible to find at all, but my dear Eleroo roughly around $30 would have to be a far better investment.

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