Horror Fest

October is here. A time for ghosts and goblins and everything between. The witches fly high swooping down to snatch up straying children. The vampires disguise themselves among the high class citizens of the world, tucked away in gothic castles and wooden coffins. Frankenstein tears at his stitches with urgency to track down his next victim. The werewolves of London soon scurry around searching out their next meal. The gliding ghosts cry in the night while throwing objects here or there and send a fright among the living. Out for brains the zombies leave their graves in search of the living. With a bone in his mouth covered in foam, Cujo waits patiently for you to get out of the car. Mother is never far behind when Jason visits the nearby camping grounds. Don’t dare go to sleep or you may be met by Freddy’s razor sharp claws. If you need to escape the beasts of the night don’t dream of checking into the Bates motel. Surely Norman or perhaps his mother will gladly welcome you to the last visit you will ever make. Perhaps horror isn’t your thing, perhaps you’d like a simple family day at the park with your children, beware of the creepy kid playing all alone with dark eyes and dark hair for Damien has a plot to end life as we know it. You say you have a sweet tooth? Don’t walk to the store if you see a swarm of bees. The Candy man could be close behind. Maybe you’d like to kick back and watch some television, be careful of the water soaked floor and don’t answer the phone, Samora is anxious to connect. Maybe you shouldn’t trust those closest to you either, The Thing is creeping within an every day face of those you hold dear. Be sure the batteries are connected when your doll begins moving and speaking or it could be a mistaken identity of a doll or Chucky himself. Perhaps an exorcism is required. Don’t ask Regan if she can help you out, the devil’s connection is strong. If the Bates motel doesn’t suit you perhaps the Overlook Hotel would be a better fit, just beware of good old Jack. He can be quite handy with an axe. Of course with October and Halloween close at hand there will be festivities and gatherings but I’d advise against hiring Pennywise or Captain Spalding to feature any entertainment for the kiddies. Maybe you should escape to a cabin in the woods with your favorite friends just be weary of any ancient books made of skin and written in blood.

It is difficult, to say the least, to be safe in this Hallowed season. A season of all that terrorizes our minds returning from the grave to create havoc upon the living. All Hallows Eve allows for the spirit world to cross over and join the living. Grabbing a pumpkin and carving it intricately may ward off the dead but to be certain I would gather up a costume and blend in. This may keep you safe from the bloodthirsty creatures who could be confused by the disguise. Make it terrifying to not be mistaken for a fool. Offer a souling to those you visit for treats for they surely would not refuse an offer such as prayers for their own dead. For a little added luck in warding these spirits off build a bonfire of epic proportions in honor of Samhain. No matter what you choose to do to honor All Saints Day do not turn off the lights.

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