My work in progress

Due to my ongoing and dreary medical issues and concerns, I’m writing a booklet that may turn into an actual book that I will be self-publishing about my experiences. It is a daily journal I’ve been keeping set up in daily entries covering tests, results, encounters with doctors, my emotions, my husbands support, and the requirements for diagnosis. I’ve included as much information as possible and in only half of day two’s entries I’m at 11 pages. I have five more days of entries to get into doc format followed by the weeks of testing ahead of me. If nothing else it will be a large booklet or a small book. Either way I can sell it on amazon. If anyone you know or you are facing any major medical issues, I’d love it if you checked it out when it’s ready and I will of course update you when it’s finished. If there is any other information you think I should add to this I would greatly appreciate it because i want it to be as honest and helpful as possible. I’ve even covered things like good vs bad doctors, symptoms, what to do if you have symptoms what to get checked out immediately and what to get checked out if you have more than one symptom on my list. I also go into detail why a good doctor is important and constantly refer to my PCP as an asshole. LOL.

As a side note, IF you plan to buy night terror only purchase it on amazon as the publisher and I may be entering a legal battle in the near future. Stay away from Breaking Rules Publishing if you are considering using a publishing company instead of self publishing. The contract states my book would be available for purchase in thirty days. It is now 5 months later and it’s still not available and refuses to reply to me.

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