Interview with Fantasy Romance author Melissa Angell

With a family background of writers, Melissa fell in love at an early age with all mythological creatures, especially vampires. Though she didn’t really take her writing serious until she was 28, Melissa began writing at the age of 9. Though it took her 17 years to publish her first book, it had only taken her 6 months to write it. With three children she supports on her own, one of which is mildly Autistic, it can be hard to find time to write. She keeps moving forward and reaching for the stars not only to fulfill her dreams but also to show her ‘minions’ the value of hard work and chasing after what you want in life.

Taking advantage of any free time she has to write, she admits her favorite time is on the couch curled up listening to the rain she so adores. Accompanied by her blueberry tea in the rooster covered tea cup, her mechanical pencils, and music appropriate to the scene (usually metal) she is set to get going. Though predictability is her writing routines, her stories are far from it. They are often found with twists and cliffhanger endings. Melissa’s most common inspiration is through her dreams though she can’t discount her music and life experiences in the process.

Melissa’s down time when not raising her family is Reiki master teaching as well as reading and crafting. She has many supporters, both friends and family but it was her mother who designed her book cover based on her ideas. Her mother and grandmother may have been a huge motivation for her to write but it’s her children who inspire her the most to reach for the stars.

Though Melissa has written many things over the years, her second book of The Awakening Series available on Amazon is her favorite because it challenged her to write better. As many authors may experience growing an audience has been somewhat a frightening thing, but that being said, Melissa’s reviews by those who have enjoyed her work are thrilled with the stories on the pages.

When asked who she wanted to read her books she replied, ‘ My target Audience I would say is for more mature readers. You see so many novels out there that have a teenager or early twenties heroine. I remember thinking why can’t a single mother in her late twenties, early thirties be a heroine for a change? I wanted something different. There are even characters who were single fathers. I think I wanted to convey a message that you don’t have to be young and childless to be a hero and do something important or to be something incredible. ‘ I tend to agree with her on this. It’s an equal opportunity description for any who can achieve greatness.

Melissa puts her heart and soul in writing her stories and hopes that the readers can feel the emotions she put into writing the story connecting with the characters as the read along. She had wanted to be an Archeologist as a child and worked as a costume designer up until she was 28 but these soon turned into nothing more than a hobby when she discovered the love of The Awakening series. I look forward to checking out her stories and hope you do the same.

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