I posted in my other social media accounts yesterday that I was going to the drive-in. Here I wrote that it was one of the things I liked about summer. I didn’t even think of enjoying it last night until after I wrote about it here on the blog. When I was done on here yesterday I got on the drive-in’s website to see what was playing. Much to my pleasant surprise ‘IT’ was going to be playing. It took very little convincing of my husband to make the plans to attend last night. I hurried around the house, finished the work I needed to get done, and soon I was ready to leave for the movie.

We gathered up chairs and blankets, a few sweat shirts, and some bottled water for me and were off to the races, or drive-in as it were. We waited in line for nearly two hours before they opened and watched in amazement as the owner began tying red balloons all around to add to the show. It was finally time for the gates to open and we were the second in line. We had our choice of parking and set up close to the concession stand. The mood was set and we only had to wait for the movie to begin.

My husband went inside and bought the usual movie junk food, when he returned he was holding a single red balloon. As to be expected he tied it to the mirror on the side of the car in full IT fashion. We set up our chairs and waited. The night was nice and there sky was cloudy but no rain would join us that evening. My brother-in-law, his wife, and teenage kids were there with us anxiously awaiting the start of the movie. We talked and enjoyed each other’s company hoping it would make time move faster. The people pilled in around us and before we knew it the Drive-In theater was packed.

The standard previews before the show began with local businesses advertising on the big screen. The funny little concession stand cartoons came on. The warnings to be safe and rules of the Drive-In followed and soon the movie would begin. Though I knew the movie would be long, I tried to get comfy in the camping chair I had brought. Soon it would be too much on my poor little body and I would move to the truck to continue the movie.

As the original IT movie promised, there were scares and jumps. When I was inside the car I could hear the movie better and get a lot more comfortable. I was glued to the big screen with hundreds of cars parked in front of it. I could hear people talking outside and see them walking through the lots. I continued to watch. At the height of a jumpy scene the forgotten balloon soon glided into view, only slightly. This only added to the tension of the scene. I have to admit watching the remainder of the movie with that single red balloon choosing the most opportune times to shift into the corner of the screen made the movie experience that more exciting and eerie.

It takes a lot to scare me, movies rarely do it. I have seen the original IT several times since it came out in the 80’s and though I’ve always enjoyed it I’ve never really been scared. To my surprise adding something as simple as an ominous red balloon that decided to float slightly into view at the scariest points in the movie made the movie that much more exciting. Though we did not stay for the second movie, I enjoyed myself during IT. If you are considering watching don’t hesitate. And remember my dears, “We all float down here” and of course “you’ll float too.”

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