Jason Never Dies On Friday The 13th

Well here it is, the day we all either dread or wait anxiously to enjoy. The day of terror when Jason Vorhees continuously comes back from the dead to stalk and kill any who dares to visit his camp ground. Armed with a machete and hockey mask, Jason will take on the world if they dare stand in his way. He may die in the end of each film but Friday the 13th always seems to resurrect him. Now for everyday people on this wonderful little planet the reality is that we will be faced with this challenging terror filled day once a year at minimum with the occasional 2 or 3 day a year episode. Throughout history there are few years without a single Friday the 13th. The span between these notorious and wicked days are approximately 14 months. Wouldn’t it have been more worthy of mention had it been 13 months? Sorry I could not resist.

Not a lot is known about the time frame the superstition started but both Friday’s and the number 13 have been coined as “bad” for longer than people can remember. Combining the two was inevitable. Some people believe that the origin of the combined month and day started at the time of Christ. Thirteen members at the last supper followed by Christ’s crucifixition the following day… Friday. That would definitely explain the superstition and it’s growth over the centuries. You would think that would be a irrefutable assumption but through all religions and myths there is some connection between the number 13 or the day of the week Friday as being unlucky as well as the combination of the two being worthy of superstition.

You may wonder where the inspiration for this film franchise may have come from. The answer may surprise you. The idea came from another well to do horror franchise. Halloween and Michael Myers. The masked evil accompanied by a blade of his choosing inspired the new terrifying Jason. Of all the movies in Jason’s history his most successful and profitable may surprise you as well. Jason vs. Freddy. Another successful horror movie franchise combined with good ‘ol Jason to be the best selling movie of either franchise.

Today is the day my fellow horror addicts, get out your DVD player or tune into your favorite horror film channel to get your dose of Jason on this all too popular day. Pop some popcorn, get a drink, and binge watch your heart out because you don’t want to go into the woods to camp on this horrific day… unless you are brave enough.

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