For The Love Of Fall

The weather cools and the leaves begin to change. My favorite time of year. With the new colors and crispy leaves a bonfire is soon to be lit. Seated around said fire, stories of ghosts and goblins fill the air. Music can be heard in the distance and sweaters and blankets comfort those in the chilled air. The moonlight takes on new meaning and the shortened days bring with it a calm and mellow mood for any to enjoy.

I so enjoy fall. The comfort of a sweatshirt and a pair of baggy cotton pants hug me while cuddled up in the cool weather. I long for scenic drives through the country filled with the scents of trees and crisp air. Leaves blowing across the road with the promise of colorful sights to be had enter my mind.

Fall is often the shortest season I experience in my neck of the woods. Too short for comfort I must admit. I do enjoy the time I have with it though. My first love is held within these colorful trees. I dare not look to the future where winter and snow are sure to follow. Leave me in a pile of leaves to make leave angels rather than snow angels, picking pumpkins, sipping on cider, buried in a throw upon a slow and bumpy hayride. Corn stalks everywhere and the excitement of Halloween to come the whispers of children are often heard. Corn mazes filled with ghosts and goblins are the fall attractions held in the utmost adoration.

Fall is full of the end of life to prepare for a new beginning in only a few short months. What a beautiful way to go. The end of life is not a dreadful thing but instead full of mystery and awe. The experiences and dreams of the past fill the air and promise of new are undeniable. Take a camera and capture these moments. Memorialize each wonder abound. Create a story filled with joy and contentment. Love in the name of Love for this welcoming and cozy season.

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