Try something new?!

Now I have declared myself a horror/thriller/suspense author as these are the genre’s I love the most. In recent months I’ve not only lost my motivation in such an endeavor, but I’ve lost all inspiration. I began reading many books in this time ranging from classic children’s books such as the Wizard Of Oz to full on Sci-Fi. I’ve taken notes on each book that’s graced my hands.  I’ve written things such as what styles of writing interested me, plot points and why they were so important or how they progressed, who the intended audience was, what twists took place and why, how the books made me feel etc. With my handy paper notebook, I jotted down any thoughts, questions, or changes I’d have made while writing each story.

I soon had gone through pages of notes. When I flipped to the follow pages of the notes, I began writing ideas streaming from the previous pages. Not in horror alone but in every genre that I enjoyed over the previous reading sessions. The ideas were flowing. I decided it was time to try my hand at some other options. I put aside the few thriller novels I had been working on and started plotting a new project. One I would have never considered prior to my experiment. I began working on a futuristic, extraterrestrial infused, government-controlled love story. I wrote out the basics of the time frame and a few of the events that led to the current atmosphere of life. I began explaining not only why my main character was feeling the way he was but what his life expectancies were and why. I built emotion around him.

I began writing the story itself, adding things to my notes for history, placement, and expectancies as I went. This was all in the first day. Though I only managed to write about 1500 words on day one, this does not include the research I had to do and notes that were necessary to begin creating my characters life. Today I’m heading back to my paper and interviewing my main character to get a better understanding of him and his motivation. After that I’ll be happy to get a minimum of another 1500 words. After the interview process I believe it will be easier to write more.

Even with my love of horror everything, I am more excited about this project than any other I’ve conjured up. Though I may be drawn to horror stories, movies, and costumes it would seem I must explore other genre’s and see if this is truly where my talents lie.

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